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We're not your average agency; we're the mad scientists of branded content, the maestros of influence, and the purveyors of peculiarly persuasive narratives. Who are we, you ask? Well, we're the brains, the brawn, and the brilliance behind Thumb Media, your go-to hub for all things content and creator economy.

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Leading the charge with unparalleled expertise and boundless creativity is our Chief Creative Officer, Leko Dladla. With over 11 years of experience in agency and brand, Leko has navigated every facet of the industry landscape.

At the inception of his previous agency, Leko was the embodiment of versatility, navigating the diverse landscape of responsibilities with finesse. From shaping creative strategies to overseeing content production, Leko wore multiple hats during the formative stages of the agency. Today, his focus remains steadfast on elevating creative strategy and content production, 

As a distinguished tech startup founder, Leko brings a unique perspective to the table. His ability to secure funding for his own ventures and navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship gives him a commercial strategic edge.


Leko's entrepreneurial acumen was recognized when he was selected as one of the top 40 black startup founders in the prestigious Telkom and Microsoft's I'm In programme back in 2017.

The Executive Team

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